Refund Policy

  • All tobacco products are considered consumable and perishable items, therefore, all sales are considered final. will accept unused and undamaged products from regular customers. We will refund up to 90% of the sale minus shipping and handling charges. We still recommend that you e-mail us before returning any product. US residents must be 18 years of age or older to use and order tobacco products, we are very strict with this rule. You must also comply with the applicable tobacco laws of your state and country.
  • is not to be held responsible or liable if you violate your state or country laws. Sales to residents of the State of Florida requires a 7% sales tax. Sales outside Florida via Internet currently are exempt from taxation. Importantly, our products to roll your own do not fall within the category of semi-finished products.┬áThese are a 100% agricultural products, therefore, do not enter into any special category of federal tax.