1) Cigar Roller Glue

The cigar glue comes in a powder form. Use one spoon of glue per 4 ounces of water. Stir and let it rest for 30 minutes. Stir again and the glue is ready. You can add more water as the glue starts to dry out. I recommend to use a 4 oz glass jar with a lid and place in your refrigerator when not in use. Your 4 oz glass jar if use properly can last for over 1000 cigars.

2) Cigar Beetles

The cigar beetles larvae is a normal and common pest in cigar making. The tobacco leaves either carry them or the beetles in your home find the way in there. Tobacco beetles are very small and brown. They are a normal pest in the US growing everywhere you go. They grow in grains such as wheat, corn, milo and other crops. For some unknown reason they love tobacco as well as the grains (maybe they like to chew tobacco). If you observe beetles or you see small holes bored in the leaves or cigars, I recommend to freeze all your leaves or cigars for at least 4 days. That will keep them in check. Most cigar companies freeze their ready made cigars for 4 days before distribution.

3) DVDs

The DVD basic is about 45 minutes long and contain basic information for home cigar making. Good beginners DVD. The advanced DVD is about 1 hour long. This one has information on how to make torpedoes, different bunching techniques, how to blend and ferment tobacco leaves and how to get ready for cigar shows. At the end of this DVD there are 20 minutes on how Frank Ruiz broke the 2001 and 2002 Cuban records for the World Longest Cigar ever made. The 2001 Cuban record was 36 feet plus, the 2002 was 45 feet plus. Frank's record was 58 feet 4 inches. The Cubans are trying to catch up with the master. Frank gives very graphic and specific information on how you can brake the Guinness World record. These is a very valuable and entertaining tape, a must buy for any serious cigar roller or a beginner who wants to make his or her mark in the industry.