Seco is lighter than the Ligero in both color and flavor, these leaves are harvested from the middle of the tobacco plant. Seco or Base is a delicate but very aromatic leaf that gives you the "high-end" flavor in a blend. Subtle but very important, if it wasn’t there you would notice. Seco provides burning characteristics possibly his greatest contribution to the overall structure of the cigar.

Viso is harvested from the bottom of the tobacco plant typically the plants and leaves are good quality. The Viso leaves add the "mid-range" power to a blend and is one of the most critical components of any blend. This leaf is of Medium thickness and loaded with flavor. Viso can make or break a blend.

Ligero is not a tobacco type, but rather tobacco taken from a certain part of the plant, specifically the upper most priming. The leaves toward the top of the plant receive the most amount of sunlight, making them heartier with a thicker texture. Also, as a tobacco plant is harvested, it is picked from the bottom to the top in phases over a period of several weeks. As the lower leaves are chosen, more nutrients from the plant’s root system are delivered to fewer leaves making the top leaves (the last to be picked) the strongest. Because of its weight, ligero often burns slowly so it is almost never used for wrapper, but rather for the cigar's innermost fillers. The ligero is the more important element for its contribution to the flavor of the bunche .

Binders usually come from the bottom part of the plant, where the leaves are thicker and have more strength. These leaves usually have little or no flavor.

Wrapper is the most important and most expensive part of a cigar. Typically grown under a gauze tent (shade) to prevent the leaf from growing too thick, the wrapper must be smooth and have very few veins. The majority of a cigar’s flavor is derived from the wrapper.

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