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Cutting Board Heavy Duty

Cutting Board allows the cigars rollers to work on a surface that will guarantee there will be no residue of wood that would affect the quality of the final product.

Tobacco Glue Bermocol

The glue is used throughout the tobacco industry and his name is Bermocol.

Cigar Roller Press

The press is an essential tool to guarantee that the cigars achieve the desired consistency in the form of their body.

Professional Cigar Tuck Cutter

Professional Manufacture Cutter

Cigar Mold

Brand new mold used in factories by the cigar rollers and are made of plastic for that reason are more durable than wood . All factories in South America and The Caribbeanare switching to plastic in the last five years. We can offer different sizes depending on availability, please contact us and we'll tell you what we have at this time. Roll your own Cigars  !!!

Advanced Techniques DVD

This DVD is a course with details of how to make a torpedo Cigar  and lots of extra information 

Training DVD By E. Ruiz

This is a course with the secrets of how to make a cigar explained by the master cigar roller Efrain Ruiz

Scissors 52 ring gage

Cigar roller scissor is an efficient and inexpensive tool to cut the cigar anytime.

Puncher Hand Cut/Sharpened

Puncher is a tool that is used in developing the aesthetics of the cigar particularly in the head.

Chaveta Knife Hand Cut/Sharpened

Chaveta is a type of knife with a particular edge that allows the cigar roller to work comfortably. Is an essential tool to manufacture a cigar.